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Songs of Your Soul

We each have our personal set of harmonics which make up our soul tunes. We have a beginning tune, a loss of life song, a existence song, and a song for every single piece of soul.

At beginning Like I Do is sung as we arrive down the womb and into this actuality this sets us up for the starting of our daily life.

The interior child as the initial piece of soul has a song which continues until the internal young kid's time is reached to get up residence. This seem of this piece of soul is now song and takes over until it is the flip of the internal teenager, then young adult, late grownup and outdated age till it is time for a new tune.

When we die there is a death song that is sung through the procedure that will help our passing. The demise song commences as we begin to minimize the energetic links to the bodily entire body.

Each and every chakra has a cord which frays then disintegrates ultimately the silver wire which enables us to travel from our bodies in spirit last but not least frays and is reduce. We then can travel down the tunnel to the astral airplane as the tune sings us into there.

All of these music need to be sung in complete and to the finish.

We also have a track of daily life, that has with in it all the creations, karmic money owed to be sorted, paths, soul agreements and possibilities of this life.

There are several versions and frequently tunes are not sung totally to the end or are even began. Considerably interference can arise by us in hospitals babies can be delivered by caesarean which indicates the delivery tune has started but not concluded..the energetic instruments for the beginners guide to daily life are missing. It is feasible to have your beginning music sung at a afterwards day. It needs to be sung due to the fact it is needed when you die and the loss of life song is sung.

Which provides me onto death, out of the blue by accident, medications, operations, currently being shot these are all illustrations of the track not currently being sung. This triggers you energetic issues on the astral and yet again the demise track which is so significantly a lot more than a tune, but an energetic sequence of info might nevertheless be sung by those who are in the know on the other aspect.
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